Luxury Real Estate Agents

When it comes to hard work and being one of the most known and sought out elite agents, there are a few fields that one can have in mind. Add money to the mixture,and the area is considerably diminished as not anyone is a born talent and certainly not everyone can produce massive amounts of money when having another person involved in the deal. So which are the niches that we think of when picturing wealth, high sales, celebrities and big steps towards success?


Residential Luxury Real Estate

When one thinks of real estate agents, you think of your local agents who place ads on bus benches. However, in wealthy cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, elite real estate agents are a thing. And oh boy do they make a lot of money. With over-inflated real estate market prices, these lucky, hard working agents are able to cash in on higher commissions than the average realtor.

Take a look at the legendary Jade Mills. There’s still 3 more months left in the year, yet she has sold close to ONE Billion dollars of real estate. If you want to see some of the Beverly Hills homes for sale on her site, you will be left dreaming for quite some time. Jade Mills attributes her success to her thirst for knowledge and her dedication to her clients.

Real Estate Investments

Of course, there are Investments. One of the biggest fields, where people play with numbers on a screen and manage to build empires or ruin lives in just one click of a button. However, it isn’t all a day game with a pay check. The responsibility is enormous when deciding whether to buy or sell, and the agent must have a very well established sense of how things work and when the market drops or rises. Warren Buffett, a man who produced up to $62.7 billion, gives one solid advice: “Very successful people say “no” to almost everything.” – explaining how he, and his partner Charles Munger, pursued only a few of the opportunities that came along.

luxury-investment-billion-dollarsAnother big name in the industry is George Soros, the 10th highest-earning Hedge Fund Manager. Being second runner-up with a “merely” $24.5 billion dollar fortune in investments, he is currently out of the daily workforce but still keeps an eye on the realm from afar. Ranked as 16 on America’s richest and “only” 29th in the World, it looks like the market helped him shape an empire that more than one person benefits from.

Next in line is Carl Icahn, with an estimated $21.5 billion, showing that this corner is somehow accessible and worth it if you got what is needed. As businesses are evolving with each passing day so is the investment area. Actions are being put on sale for a moment and then prices spike up in just a few seconds. Everything can be bought or sold, and if you have the nose for its money will pour in one’s client accounts and in your pocket. But take care; this is not a place for the faint of heart, as most of us know agents by the nickname of “sharks”. And that is exactly what an investor should be: sharp, professional, fast and clever.

Definitely, a place to look if you can figure out how everything works and are willing to stretch your nerves thin, investment is a market where agents are not simply an intermediate between the client and his actions. They are what makes the world of money and the process of buying and selling go round in an unpredictable movement that shows who is the best at reading signs and who knows his field the most. Making every day a struggle and being two steps ahead of everyone is quite a requirement here, and connections should always be valued as one never knows who can share the “billion dollars” information.