The Hamptons is home to some of the most coveted homes on the East coast, thus we start our journey on this lovely corner of the Earth.

Owning a home in the Hamptons means only two things, luxury, and affluence. It’s a neighborhood laced with musicians, movie stars and all the big names that you know of. Their presence clearly gives you an idea of what a mansion in the Hamptons goes for. It’s an area in the world known for the rich millionaires and billionaires that inhabit it. This only means that a mansion there wouldn’t go for less than $1 million. These Hamptons estates can go as high as $75 million but mainly average at $30 million.

These mansions lie on large pieces and land with extraordinary features like helipads and monster garages that no ordinary house can accommodate. After all, top mansions have extraordinary features. Here are the top 5 most lavish homes in the Hamptons.

Jerry Seinfeld

For several years now, Jerry Seinfeld has been on his TV sitcom which has gained popularity. Not only has this comedy program earned him fame, it has also earned him a lot of money to buy a $32 million home in the Hamptons. The 16,000 square foot sits on a 7.7-acre piece of land. It has many features that money can buy like an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and eve a full sized basketball pitch. The house has nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms fit for royalty.

Jennifer Lopez, Water Mill

Widely known as J LO in the music industry, Jennifer Lopez has made a fortune in the industry by selling a lot of music labels for decades. Thanks to her hard work, she can be counted among the elite in the community of the affluent in the Hamptons. In 2011, after breaking up with her husband, the singer bought this marvelous house in the Hamptons. After all, she grew in New York and she pretty well knew this neighborhood. The $10 million mansion sits on a 3-acre piece of land and covers 8,500 square feet. It has 8 bedrooms, a steam room, movie room and a three car garage.

Christie Brinkley, Bridgehampton

Also known as Bridge Hampton or Tower Hill because of its unique tower, this 18th-century house owned by Christie Brinkley sits on a 21-acre piece of land in the Hamptons, which is not a common feature in the neighborhood. It has 8 bedrooms, a swimming pool, theater, and a wine cellar. All this and the land go for an asking price of $30 million. Although it has been on and off the market for a long time, Bridge Hampton seems embedded in Christie’s heart and soul.

Tory Burch, Southampton

Having landed a page in Vogue magazine, this gorgeous property built in the 1920’s and owned by Tony Burch has 10 bedrooms,11 bathrooms, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a movie room. It sits on a 4.2-acre piece of land. Burch bought the house in 2011 after selling her Meadow Lane estate and spent two years renovating it with antiques.

Howard and Beth Stern, Southampton

The celebrity rock star and his model wife bought the property in 2013 at approximately $17 million. It has all the features that a celebrity couple could ever need in a luxury home. The 16,000 square feet home sits on three acres of land and has 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a wine cellar, and a bowling alley.